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Looking at the photographs which were taken of that

      person who I am

who I call… Myself

I see an identifiable person: Me.


I was and I am

each yesterday; every now.


How have I changed: which visages gone,

Which remain?

Do I see

The same person I am, now?


Who was; who now?

Where will the next place be?

How will I get there?

How will I know

I have arrived?


What lost

Given up, gained

…what cost?


Aphorism from chapter in Next Places

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Dowd faked a shot, spun around and found Martinez in the high slot. Martinez beat Schneider with a hard shot through traffic to make it 1 1.Moore scored in a similar manner 3:38 into the first, launching a long shot past a screened Budaj.thing we got to be good at is coming out stronger in that first period, Pearson said. Let another first one in, but we battled back and were able to get the win at home.

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