Monday Aphorism: Sheer Arrogance

I asked him by what privilege the outlook calling itself the Humanities would proceed to write an Encyclopedia of Popular Art. His response, with proper bravado, was: “arrogance.”

I think he meant it. I, sitting in a liberal Midwestern setting where the people were well disposed to knowledge and ideas and some sense of strength and bravery and just a little cunning, wondered if we weren’t being slicked by the big-town boy with style, coming to bring us the word…the world.

He, sitting perhaps, in an academic setting which had no big outlook, no project of worth, worth doing, saw the necessity to strike big, to proclaim the big job, the Project, something to do, thus arrogance.

To this arrogance he does, however, bring an energy which might support and sustain the arrogance he will need to have, to do what he claims he wants to do. Maybe he can, maybe he will. Sheer arrogance!