Monday Aphorism: Hard to Move

The institution where I work is hard to move. Having reached a size, an age, a ponderous entity-ness, it IS. It is so big that everyone talks and meets and writes summaries of discussions, but no one seems to be able to summon the energy to do anything new. Or, there is so much doing already, daily, daily, doing, doing, that any more would be too much. Perhaps, as Kierkegaard claimed (The Present Age), each official, each self, is so well-geared, so successful at doing what is done already, that there springs up great resistance to any change, to any moving which is not what I already do…and do…and do. It is as if in order to move, I, we, have to damn all our pasts which have led to this present; to disqualify ourselves from our own lives. Once we have arrived in this institution, in this present, it is as if we are outside of our own time, outside of our own lives. It is as if we are not very present, only watching. Moving only to resist movement which would affect our selves, we sit watching.