Monday Aphorism: On Being Vulnerable

The problem in being, in being loving and loveable, is that I must be sufficiently strong, sufficiently myself, so I can be as you, in your own terms and senses, while being still the me, that both of us want and need. To be weak, to be meek, is to yield a sense of self which fades in its own doing. To have given away so much of my self in so-called love, is to have to draw all my strength from you, perhaps strengthening the relationship from necessity, but no longer in-love. To know you, to be and to think in the terms in which you think and are, to give some full measure of my understanding to your being, is to have some reserves, some looking-out from which to draw my self into yours, and yet be the me that I can re-find in each and every moment. To be strong enough, to be able to be hurt without being destroyed, as I take on the hurts from your being as well as my own…to be able to use this to construct my own tomorrow, thus would I be and become.