Monday Aphorism: Why Not Rich?

The academic counterpart of the query: if you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich? If… why aren’t you at Harvard or Cambridge? That is, if… why are you here? Transpose! The obverse: you are here, thus you are not there, thus you are not so smart; not good enough to… A decline into a distrust of self, the definition of quality sliding into the same distrust. The quality of judgment, gone. Are there others who can help us? We need help! We beseech. “Hello! Will you come here and help us! We are not good enough to judge well. Will you help us? Why are we calling you? Because you are smart and rich… and you are not here. Will you come here and help us? No? You fear that you will become like us, once you are here? No, that is not true. You are there, you are worthy. You ask how we can judge that calling you is good judgment, if we have no good judgment?” A good question! A good question?